Reverse Gear

Why not make things easy for yourself and have one of our reverse gears fitted. We can supply and fit reverse gear for chain drive, shaft drive and Harley Big twins. Our Champion reverse for Harleys is so easy to use. From neutral, clutch-in, shift handle back, throttle gas & clutch-out to reverse your bike, sidecar or trike... it's that easy!

. Great for 2-wheelers, trikes or sidecars
. Low gear ratio to ease you back
. Does not affect any of the forward gears
. Easy installation in about 4-5 hours
. Additional bearing support to Trap Door
. Overall transmission dimensions unchanged
. No exhaust modification (except Softails)
. Aerospace Materials, precision-engineered
. Easy-to-follow instructions
. Clutch operated, no battery drain
. Limited 1 year warranty


EZ Steer

When converting a motorcycle to a Trike, steering will get heavier and more effort is required to steer. Raked yokes give you lighter steering and a more enjoyable riding experience. The EZ steer/Power steer raked yokes add 4.5-5 degrees to the stock rake. Users often say it's like having power steering. Available for a wide range of trikes and sidecars. Please ring for more details.

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