Adaptations can be made to suit disabled riders. Linked braking, electronic button gear change, foot boards and custom built wheel chair racks are just some of the adaptations we have made to our trikes. Here are some examples of modifications carried out by us.

This Honda DN-01 trike on the right is fully automatic and was adapted for one of our customers who uses a wheelchair. It has a Kliktronic K lever braking system

(click here for www.klever2.com) Click for bigger image

Click for bigger image so that front and rear brakes can be safely operated from the handlebars.

It also has an extra large back rest for the riders seat with arm rests to give more stability. We fitted a lap strap to the riders seat to help with balance and foot straps and rails to the standard footboards, to keep the riders legs in a safe position. The wheelchair rack on the back swivels so the rider can reach it whilst still on the trike.
Click for bigger image

Click for bigger image This trike was adapted for its user who uses a wheelchair when not on his trike. Adaptations on this trike are Reverse gear, Linked braking system, Kliktronic gear change, footboards & straps, & wheelchair rack.

Foot boards and straps for one of our paraplaegic customers to keep his feet in place. Click for bigger image

Click for bigger image Linked braking system, hand operated. Works back and front brakes together using a separate cylinder.

Wheelchair rack. This rack swivels round so that the rider can remove their chair whilst still seated on the trike. Racks can be made in powered coated CDS or stainless steel. Click for bigger image

Click for bigger image Kliktronic gear change.

Linked braking system. Foot operated. Click for bigger image

Click for bigger image Reverse gear options. Chain drive reverse differential(Left). Harley reverse mechanism (middle) fits into Harley gearbox. Shaft drive reverse differential (right).

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